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I have an Estate Planning Master of Laws, am a past president of an estate planning council, am helping run the Broward Probate and Trust Section of the Broward Bar and have been a Florida attorney since 1995 always having concentrated on estates law. I focus on helping clients with Florida Probate, Estate Administration, Florida Estate Settlement, Summary Probate, Ancillary Probate, Florida Wills, and Inheritance Law. I can also provide information about Florida Probate Litigation and Florida Will Contests. Personal Attention, Flexible scheduling and professional service provided.

Unless I am meeting or on the phone with other clients I am typically available Monday through Friday 9am-6:30pm and can be reached at my direct extension of 954 920-2886.

For more information about how I can help you with a Florida Probate matter please give me a call and feel free to read the information about Florida Probate Law elsewhere on this website.

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